Privacy Statement

You can be assured that both the Board of Directors and Bennett Management take ILC unit owners’ privacy very seriously. Personal information is collected strictly for the purpose of keeping our HOA records updated so that notices can be shared with residents of our community. Every attempt is made to keep this personal information confidential including your e-mail addresses.

All homeowners with internet access will receive appropriate information by e-mail and on the ILC website ( All homeowners are given access to the residents-only section of the ILC website shortly after they move in.

Owners without internet access are responsible for getting announcements, Board meeting minutes, event calendars and newsletters in the clubhouse where it will be posted. At this time, only annual Budget and Dues statements are being mailed out to owners.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: All homeowners and other residents are prohibited from sending out any e-mail with a personal agenda or opinion to other homeowners or residents using any e-mail list obtained without getting approval. The Board of Directors may review such e-mails and impose fines if warranted. They may also recommend legal action against those e-mailing out slanderous or untrue statements to other homeowners.