How to Get Access

Online Payments

(make online payments)

  1. You must have an AppFolio account to make online payments.

  2. Register to make online payments through BMC's AppFolio system.

  3. Make an online payment.

Residents Only

(private documents for residents only)


  1. Only current residents of Island Lakes Condos with a registered Google account can access the private area of the website.

  2. You can use an existing Gmail address or click here to create a new account. It is much preferred that you sign-up for your own free Gmail account.

  3. Give your Gmail address to the office manager so that it can be registered.

  4. If you prefer not to have your own Google account, you can ask the office manager for the shared login information.

  5. After you have logged into your registered, personal OR shared Google account successfully, you can access the website...